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Kale Chips

IMG_6316These chips are so good they never last long in my house, but since they are so healthy I don’t mind binging! ¬†They are so easy to make and a great way to store all that extra kale growing in your garden.

  • Kale-destem thicker stems and shred leaves into chip size pieces
  • 3 Tablespoon of Olive Oil (depending on the amount of kale, I like to be able to lightly coat entire bowl of kale)
  • 1 lemon or lime (if I have lemon concentrate I squeeze a Tablespoon of that in, I keep in mind that 3:1 Olive Oil to Lemon)
  • Salt and Pepper, Garlic Powder to your taste
  1. Mix ingredients and toss with kale
  2. Lay kale on dehydrator and sprinkler with the magic ingredient Nutritional Yeast
  3. Dehydrate for as long as it takes for them to be crispy
  4. Enjoy!