Homemade Shampoo


One day I was listening to NPR as I drive to a yoga class. The woman was talking about the toxins in shampoo. Not that this was surprising news to me but something dawned on me that I need to take action.  She was a herbalist and went into the benefits from various herbs for different ailments.  Near the end of the discussion as I was parked and running out of time, the speaker was giving instructions for a DIY recipe. I grabbed paper and a pen to get it all down. She had mentioned that Nettles helps with hair growth (something I’ve been interested in recently).

Over the last 4-5 years I’ve become more aware of what I put in my body, I became vegan (which isn’t something  I’m consistent with but when I do eat meat I’m adamant about where and how the meat was treated), I eat mostly organic and grow most of my own food. But since I started living a healthier life, my hair stopped growing!? Maybe it was because all the hormones in the old way I ate was speeding up hair growth, but I dreamed of long hair again and I wanted it the healthy way!!

Back to the woman on the radio!  I was running late to get to yoga but I NEEDED this recipe!  She would go over an ingredient followed by a rant and then would ramble off topic…I was getting impatient; but I knew it would be worth it. Knowing there are probably millions of recipes for shampoo flooding the Internet, I finally got her version for a natural homemade shampoo that boosts hair growth!!

it still needs some tweaks but I will edit as I find them out!


In a quart jar add:

8oz (around 4 Tablespoons) each Nettles, Rosemary (hair growth)

(other herbs optional: basil, lavender, lemongrass, plantain, dandelion etc)

Boil water and pour over herbs. Let sit 2-8 hours then put in fridge.

Strain and compost herbs or blend with  oils and beeswax to make salves!


3oz Dc Bronners (any fun scent,  I use lavender or citrus)

1/4 tsp Jajoba or avocado oil

20 drops of any essential oil (ex: tea tree, lavender, mint)

shake and use!!

I still haven’t seen results in my hair growth and I find my hair slightly greasy after using, but my scalp feels amazing and I know all the ingredients that are going on my head!!  I’m going to keep trying other recipes and will be editing as I perfect it!


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